Toddler/Play Group

Age Group 1.5 – 2.5 Years

Fun hours – 3.5 hours/day

From the moment they are born, children are naturally curious and start learning about the world around them. At Silver River, our play group curriculum fosters this natural curiosity and encourages children to keep exploring and learning. The early years of childhood are especially crucial for skill development, as the brain is most receptive to learning during this time. Our program’s goal is to teach parents how to support their child’s development through a research-based approach. We aim to help young children develop social, aesthetic, and fine motor skills, as well as hidden language abilities. This program is designed to help babies and toddlers build these skills in a caring and nurturing environment.


Age Group – 2.6 – 3.5 Years

Fun & Class hours – 3.5 hours/day

Investing in high-quality education during the early pre-school years can have a lasting impact on a child’s overall growth. At Silver River, our nursery curriculum offers a range of activities designed to help children achieve their early learning goals. In the nursery program, children take part in activities that prepare them for school, such as reading, writing, counting, and problem-solving, in a fun and stimulating way. They are also encouraged to work together and learn through drama, science, and art activities. These activities are meaningful and help children build important skills in various areas.


Age Group – 3.6 – 5.5 Years

Fun & Class hours – 5 hours/day

The transition from preschool to primary school can be a significant moment of change for children and their parents. Silver River’s Pre-Primary curriculum is designed to facilitate a smooth transition to formal schooling through engaging and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. The curriculum includes activities that are tailored to the age of the child and aimed at preparing them for success in formal education. In Silver River’s program, children participate in a range of activities that help them learn the alphabet and letter sounds, numbers and basic math, and develop early writing skills. The program also includes a unique assessment system called XSEED, which is designed to motivate children and help them reach their full potential. XSEED assessments are conducted three times per year to track each child’s development. The curriculum also includes a range of other activities in language, numbers, general knowledge, music, and art that are conducted in a structured manner throughout the program.


Age Group – 5.5 years and above

Class hours – 6.5 hours/day

At Silver River School, our primary classes (grades 1 to 5) follow XSEED curriculum that is designed to provide a well-rounded education to our students. The curriculum includes traditional subjects such as Math, languages and arts, Environmental science, and social studies. In addition to the core subjects, we also place a strong emphasis on developing important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Our teachers use a variety of teaching methods to engage students and encourage their love of learning. In addition to the core subjects, we also offer a variety of other activities to enrich the learning experience. These activities may include art, music, drama, physical education, and foreign language. We believe that a positive and supportive learning environment is key to helping our students succeed and reach their full potential.

Day Care

Day care refers to the care provided for young children, including infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. It may be provided in a school setting or in a center-based facility. In addition to providing basic care, daycare centers often plan activities to help children learn educational concepts at a young age.

One of the main purposes of childcare is to create a safe and secure environment for children. This includes taking steps to prevent the spread of infections and ensuring that the facility is designed with the needs of young children in mind.

Extra Curricular Activities

At Silver River School, we offer a range of extracurricular activities for our students to participate in outside of the regular school curriculum.

Field Trips

We believe that hands-on learning experiences are an important part of a well-rounded education. Our field trips take students to a variety of destinations, such as museums, zoos, and historical sites, to learn about the world around them.

Foreign Language

We offer foreign language classes in a variety of languages, such as Spanish, French, and Mandarin. These classes give students the opportunity to learn about different cultures and gain valuable language skills.

Western Dance

Our dance classes teach students a range of western dance styles, such as jazz and hip hop, and provide an opportunity for students to express themselves creatively through movement.

Festival Celebrations

We believe that celebrating cultural diversity is important. Throughout the year, we celebrate a range of festivals and cultural events, such as Diwali and Christmas, to foster an inclusive and diverse community.

Annual Excursion

Each year, we plan an annual excursion for our students to participate in. These trips provide students with the opportunity to experience new places and have fun with their classmates.

Physical Education

We believe that physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our P.E.T classes provide students with the opportunity to participate in a range of sports and other physical activities.

If you have any queries about admissions – the process, duration, qualifications, eligibility or just about anything else, please feel free to contact us.

Silver River School stands out with its play based preschool curriculum in madinaguda, providing a dynamic and interactive learning environment for young learners. Our commitment to fostering creativity and curiosity is evident in the carefully crafted pre primary curriculum in Madinaguda and pre primary curriculum in Pragathi nagar  that encourages exploration and hands-on experiences. This play based preschool curriculum in pragathi nagar approach not only cultivates a love for learning but also lays a solid foundation for future academic success, setting Silver River School apart as one of the prominent playschools in Madinaguda.

Complementing our innovative curriculum, Silver River School integrates a preschool music curriculum in Madinaguda and a preschool music curriculum in pragathi nagar, recognizing the profound impact of music on early childhood development. Through rhythmic activities and musical exploration, children engage in a multisensory learning experience that enhances cognitive, social, and emotional skills. This unique blend of play-based and music-infused education creates a harmonious environment that contributes to a well-rounded education for our young learners in Madinaguda.

Known for offering the best pre K curriculum in Madinaguda and the best pre K curriculum in pragathi nagar, Silver River School ensures a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate learning experience for children. Our preschool curriculum program in madinaguda and preschool curriculum program in pragathi nagar focuses on nurturing essential skills such as early literacy, numeracy, and social skills, providing a solid foundation for a seamless transition to formal education. The emphasis on a holistic approach distinguishes Silver River School as a top choice for parents seeking the best pre-K education in Madinaguda.

Extending our commitment to quality education to Pragathi Nagar and Madinaguda, Silver River School replicates its success with a pre primary level school in Pragathi Nagar and pre primary level school in Madinaguda. The active and experiential learning approach ensures that children in Pragathi Nagar and Madinaguda actively participate in their educational journey, fostering a positive attitude towards learning. Combined with our preschool music curriculum in madinaguda, Silver River School in Pragathi Nagar and Madinaguda continues to create a dynamic and stimulating environment that nurtures young minds and prepares them for a future of academic success and personal growth.

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